Casualty Investigation

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Casualties are obviously unforeseen but still demand an urgent response that is why our “Marine Casualty Investigation Course” is revised according to latest international and local regulations. Course Highlights: -Development of marine industry with contributions of marine casualties, -Understanding how incidents happen, -Planning an investigation process, -Gathering evidence from Positions, People, Parts and Reconstruction, Paper, -How human factors impact investigations, -Cause analysis techniques, -Reporting Marine Casualties, -Things to do after completion of investigation process. The course is built around a robust case study of an actual event. Participants are provided abundant information about this event and challenged to apply the investigation tools and techniques taught in the course to determine causes and appropriate remedial actions.


The objectives of the course were to guide ship personnel about the marine casualty investigation according to “Casualty Investigation Code” which is obligatory since 1 January 2010”d for maritime casualty investigators who are new to the field.