Draught Surveying

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A draught survey is a method of cargo weight determination by ship’s displacement calculations, empty and loaded (or loaded and empty), taking into account any change in weight of the liquids on board. The accuracy of the draught survey will be dependent upon the experience and the care taken by the surveyor concerned, on the documentation of the vessel, on the spirit of co-operation of the vessel crews and of the shore terminal personnel and, last but not least, on the instruments used by the draught surveyor and the weather and sea conditions in the harbour.

In principle, draft surveys require only a measurement of the water displaced by the vessel before and after the cargo is transferred, along with a measurement of the water’s density. Water displacement is measured through draft marks on the ship and converted to a volume using draft tables. The weight of displaced water is calculated by multiplying its volume (displacement) by its density. The difference between the weights of water displaced before and after the cargo transfer will equal the weight of the cargo within measurement accuracy limits.

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