Expert in Stowage, Lashing and Securing Surveys

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When we are engaged in the stowage, lashing and securing of heavy cargo units on deep sea vessels, the surveyor should monitor the safe handling and loading of the cargo units, give advice on proper stowage and verify that the cargo units are lashed and secured in a seaworthy manner.
It is important that adequate load-spreading measures are taken, if so required, to prevent exceeding the maximum permissible loads on a ship’s tank top or hatch covers. In this course you will be able to calculate the required number of lashings in order to prevent transverse and longitudinal sliding of cargo units and respectively the tipping of cargo units. Control the type and quantity of lashing materials used and on the correct appliance of such lashing materials.


This course has been designed to provide marine cargo specialists and operations staff with solid marine knowledge required to understand the role of the marine cargo surveyor and the details of the surveys, inspections, claims and investigations for cargoes and damage to cargoes so they can perform as effective marine cargo surveyors.

Anyone who services the global cargo inspection market and feels they would benefit from a more structured knowledge of the elements of commodities trade and inspections will find the course extremely beneficial.